Edvelop – Collaborate to Learn

Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.
– John Dewey

To make life easier, we present to you an innovative collaboration and communication based learning platform for students and teachers – Mobiliya Edvelop!

In lay man’s terms, Mobiliya Edvelop is a product that makes it easy for students and teachers to take and give lessons respectively. When you have classroom sessions on record, there is no way for a teacher or a student to miss out on anything and Mobiliya Edvelop does exactly that – it gives students the freedom to take lessons in their own space and time. The only disadvantage for students is that there’s no slacking for them anymore!

Mobiliya Edvelop
Mobiliya Edvelop

Teachers on the other hand have the option of monitoring a student’s progress in a much easier way. Right from assignments to video sessions, teachers can ensure that students get everything they need in order to excel in their field of interest. From simple Math to complicated differential equations, with Mobiliya Edvelop, teachers can ensure that their students have access to all the study material prepared by them.

Gone are the days of traditional class room sessions. Tablets and smart phones have put the traditional modes of education to ignominy in the current era. With receding quality of education, institutes are forced to find a way to make life easier for students and teachers. Mobiliya Edvelop was created with a vision to fill the loop-holes in the education system.

In terms of User Interface, the content has been showcased in such a way that it is easy for teachers and students to find what they’re looking for. Supported on Android and Windows 8.1, Mobiliya Edvelop is a fine mobile based learning platform with low cost of ownership and high ROI.

Stay tuned in to our blog to know more about specific features of Mobiliya Edvelop. Alternatively, feel free to go through our website – http://edvelop.mobiliya.com.


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