Article ( Microsoft launches Edu-Cloud offering for schools in India

Originally published on ––1080654 | May 6, 2015

Microsoft India has launched its ‘Edu-Cloud’ platform in India. The cloud computing-based offering is designed to enhance digital learning and teaching in schools and higher education institutions. Sri Chaitanya Schools is one of the first K-12 education networks to adopt Microsoft India’s Edu-Cloud for its teachers and students in 80 schools. Teachers and students of Sri Chaitanya Schools will use 14,000 Windows-powered tablets to access interactive and relevant content from the Microsoft cloud, in an attempt to make learning and teaching more engaging and productive.

With Edu-Cloud, students of Sri Chaitanya Schools will be able to access digital content and Office 365 from Microsoft on their Windows-powered tablets. Using the cloud, students and teachers can communicate, collaborate, create, access and consume content. In addition, students and teachers will have access to the eDvelop learning management service from Mobiliya, a Microsoft partner.

Edu-Cloud is expected to benefit over 1 million teachers and 6 million students in 1,500 institutes over the next 18 months. Microsoft Edu-Cloud supports students, teachers and school administrators through virtual learning platforms, content access, discussion boards, cloud storage, analytics and dashboard for learning outcomes, monitoring and improving teacher pedagogy, and creating custom learning modules.


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